Our casino games

Slot machines, traditional table games, poker, sports bets and much more.
Excitement is guaranteed in the luxurious decor of the Casino!

Slot machines

Let yourself be swept up in the varied and fascinating universes of our slot machines.

Our park has more than 250 slot machines and is open 24/7*! Choose your stake, and try to win the jackpot on our machines with mechanic reels, our video machines, or our electronic roulettes and blackjacks.

Roulette - Circus Casino Resort Namur

Come and try your luck

Table games

Have you already tried your luck in the traditional games? Get as close to the number 21 to beat our dealer in Blackjack. Bet on a color or a number in Roulette. Or make the best hand in Ultimate Poker.

  • Our tables welcome you:

From Sunday to Thursday
from 3 p.m. to 4 a.m.

On Friday and Saturday
from 3 p.m. to 5 a.m.

6 tables

Min. bet: €2.50

Max. bet: €150

The Wheel of Fortune: The casino’s simplest and most fun game.
1 table
Mini: €2.50
Maxi: €25 to €500

Did you know?

At a classic roulette table (English or French roulette) the bank redistributes 97.3% of stakes. For comparison, the National Lottery only redistributes 60%.

In Namur, roulette is even more advantageous, thanks to the bonus associated with the zero and Five In A Row, which allows you to get the jackpot if there is repetition!

3 tables

Min. bet: €5 / €10

Max. bet: €500 / €1,000

Increase the fun and multiply your chances of winning thanks to side bets:

Dice Jack: stake €5 or €10 – if the bank gets “blackjack”, win up to 216x your stake!

Progressive jackpot: for just €5, win a prize pool that can reach up to €100,000 or more!
Punto Banco Progressive
1 table
Mini: €10
Maxi: €500
Bonus: €5

Also discover a variant of the classic casino games: the blackjack tournaments. Take on other players in a guaranteed friendly atmosphere! Ask for our calendar at reception.

2 tables

Min. bet: €5

Max. bet: €50 / €200 on the bonus

Unlike most casinos, the distribution of cards is done face up. It’s an advantage for you and it’s friendlier!

Progressive jackpot: for only €5, win a jackpot that can reach up to €100,000 or more!

Circus Poker

Up to 70 tables exclusively dedicated to cash games and poker tournaments every day!

Come and discover the Circus Poker experience at the Circus Casino Resort Namur and book your seat in one of our tournaments at Circus-Poker.com

  • Hours for cash game tables

Every day
from 3 p.m. to 4 a.m.

See the ongoing tournaments
Tables de poker - Circus Casino Resort Namur

Prepare your visit

1st visit to a casino? Don’t panic, we’ll explain everything!

Who can play?

Any person aged 21 or over with a valid identity document (identity card or who is not excluded by the Belgian Gaming Commission.


When can I come?

The Casino is open 24/7!

Dress code

We simply ask you to avoid shorts, tracksuits, flip flops, tank tops and caps. If there is a large number of people, we also ask that you leave your large coats and bags in the cloakroom.


Would you like to know a bit more about how to play before diving in? Our team will help make your first experience unforgettable by giving free initiations at the game tables every Friday and Saturday.

*The gaming hall is exceptionally inaccessible at the following times: 6:00 to 7:00 am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.