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Since 1914, the Casino de Namur has remained one of the highest places of entertainment in Namur.

Vue du Casino de Namur en 1914

Casino de Namur history

The Casino de Namur, formally called the Kursaal (former leisure establishment), was built at the start of the 20th century. It opened on 2 August 1914, just two days after Belgium was invaded by the German army.

With two constructions linked to each other by a covered gallery, the building, in the Art deco style, is the work of the famous Brussels architect Georges Hobé.

A place of relaxation and fun for the people of Namur between the two world wars, the place started to specialize in gambling shortly before the Second World War, while other entertainment providers (sports, cinema) moved in elsewhere in the city.

In 1980, the building to the south caught fire and was completely destroyed. Work began to reconstruct the building, but in a different, more contemporary style. They also made the most of this opportunity to replace the central gallery and garden with a new intermediary building. The reconstructed part, which opened in 1986 and was one with the rest of the building, became the Beauregard hotel, with direct access to the casino. Later, a restaurant adjoining the casino was added to complete the offer: the Bistro Casino.

The most recent chapter in the casino’s story began in 2019 when the new renovation works started. The objective being to open an establishment including a casino, a 4-star hotel, a restaurant, rooms for seminars or events, a wellness center, and exterior and underground parking lots. The establishment will also become the 1st Casino Resort in Belgium. In December 2022, after more than three years of work, the Circus Casino Resort Namur opened with great celebration. May the story continue…

Vue extérieure Circus Casino Resort Namur

A few figures

Or close to double the surface area before the renovation
visitors per year
Between 2019 and 2022, the casino stayed permanently open during the works (excluding COVID)
poker tables
2nd biggest poker room in Europe

Ardent Group: Walloon pride

The Circus Casino Resort Namur is part of the Ardent Group. Ardent Group is an association of families of investors from Liège. These families share common values of stability, proximity, curiosity and loyalty and they are always striving to actively and responsibly boost the economy in Wallonia through entrepreneurial and societal projects.

The group is active in various industries including leisure (Belgian game of chance leader), technology development, real estate, LED signage, energy and beer and has around 1,650 employees.

Circus Casino Resort Namur